Antigonight: Art After Dark

6 to 10 pm, September 26 & 27, 2014. Main St., Antigonish, NS, Canada

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Although Antigonight continues to evolve, one thing has not changed – the participation of an impressive group of artists.
“There are all kinds of disciplines – musical, performance, dance, theatre, visual art,” O’Toole said of what visitors will see.
“Sculpture, poets, dancers,” Girvan added.
“And, a lot of participatory events as well,” O’Toole noted.
“That’s kind of how we have distinguished ourselves from other nighttime arts’ festivals,” she said of the hands-on approach.

Quotes taken from a recent interview of Philip Girvan and Sarah O’Toole, owners of PGSO Productions, contracted by Antigonish Culture Alive to coordinate this year’s festival.

Full interview here.

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Message from Fenn Martin, Antigonight Artistic Director

My memory of Elinor Whidden is watching her cruise the streets of Halifax, honking around in a Junker van leaking rust and seemfullness with a large set of deer antlers adorning the hood. This unlikely “hood ornament” was a homemade cast aluminum “antler rack”, it was charming, probably a bit dangerous (for unassuming pedestrians) but for me embodied so much Whidden’s touch, aesthetic sensibilities and spirit.

Over the next number of years vehicles and our relationship to them has permeated Whidden’s work, examining relationships with consumerism, mass production and identity. As an Artist Whidden dreams up uniquely physical sculpted objects, lately objects such as buffalo skulls fabricated of old mufflers- snowshoes made of old tires. Whidden incorporates these unlikely objects with live performance and photographic elements.  We are very pleased to announce for Antigonight 2013, Elinor Whidden will be joining us from her star-base in Toronto to create a very new and special piece, -The Bennett Buggy.

"The Bennett Buggy was a term used in Canada during the Great Depression to describe a car which had its engine and windows taken out and was pulled by horses or oxen. Named after R.B. Bennett, the Prime Minister of Canada from 1930 to 1935, cars being pulled by horses became a common sight during the Depression.  In the 1920s many Canadians had bought cheap vehicles for the first time, but during the depression many found they did not have enough money to operate them. Whidden’s notion of  a revised "Bennett Buggy", is a clever play with this icon of the past that could have possible connections to the future. As our economy continues to squish the middle class are we going to see a possible revival of objects such as the Bennett Buggy? What would they look like? how would they work? 

For Antigonight 2013 we will see a re-enactment of days gone by (or possibly days of the future). An abstracted Bennett buggy collecting and depositing people, quietly moving through Antigonish streets Friday the 27th and Sat the 28th. As for the horses, I’m going to save some glorious surprises for the festival,

Please see more of Elinor Whidden’s work, her Artist Statement and robust C.V. at

~Fenn Martin

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With her photographs, sculptures and her performance art – from Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains –, the Canadian artist Elinor Whidden revisits the myth of North America’s Far West and undermines the notion of car culture as a form of progress.

Very pleased to announce that Elinor Whidden will be leading a project at Antigonight 2013 and will participate on both Friday and Saturday night (September 27 & 28).

Elinor Whidden’s work combines sculpture, performance art and photography. She has exhibited throughout North America and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards. A Master of Fine Art graduate from the State University of New York at Buffalo, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

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